Case Study

myConsole's Success Story with Baxall Construction

1:2.5 win-rate (As of December 2019 this is 1:2)|33% increase bid volume|40% profit margin increase|30% saving in user time|17% bid cost savings | 5 X ROI

Baxall Construction are a forward-thinking Kent based regional contractor striving to use the latest advancements in technology in all areas of the construction life cycle. They are ahead of many competitors in this regard and saw myConsole as a step forward for their pre-construction teams from their current paper-based approach. The leadership team led by their MD, Malcolm Clarke have over the last 4 years gained a wide range of performance improvements by digitising BIM and Drone technology across their business. Given significant benefits had been achieved by being an early digital adopter, they were willing in 2017 to explore the possibilities of cloud workplace platforms.

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Baxall's needs & objectives from deploying myConsole

Baxall were relying on many separate paper forms and excel spreadsheets to manage their bidding and work winning activities. Whilst these provided reliable conventional approaches, the overall process was not streamline or integrated, so weekly reporting requirements first needed separate extraction and processing to surface intelligent insights. Additionally, the existing process were reliant on people recording often the same data across multiple systems to maintain momentum and governance, as well as time-consuming management meetings.

Securing leadership and operational management buy-in

Improve governance and accountability

Improve overall quality of data and consolidate data silos

Replicated their existing processes in the cloud

Improve selectivity

Improve efficiency and of managing bid Resources

Improve Risk Management to de-risk every project in pipeline

To see prior to purchase:
• A fully functional working system
• All their historic data embedded
• Insightful dashboards

The existing governance reviews and stages were concentrated on the MD's final sign off on many approval steps and stage gates.
• Wider accountability needed
• Shared out across all operational managers and directors

To improve the quality and integrity of data by:
• Streamlining data integration and migration process from non-integrated data silos
• Surface out intelligent reporting and avoid double data entry.

Replicate their existing approaches and workflows in processes in the cloud to help easier and widespread adoption.

Needed a tool that would provide a consistent assessment base across pre-construction work stages to switch off abortive and wasted time earlier.

To continue growth and avoid future pressure points they needed to :
• Devolve the centralise bid management approach to their three construction teams
• Use the real time collaborative nature of working within myConsole.
• Establish one consistent and effective set of bidding behaviours and workflows
• Formalise approaches that worked efficiently irrespective of pipeline volume

• To de-risk project risk
• To raise the profile of project risk through pre-construction and construction
• To recreate their Risk Register tool as one of the integrated functions in the platform

How myConsole addressed these challenges

Securing leadership and operational management buy-in

Improve governance and accountability

Improve overall quality of data and consolidate data silos

Replicated their existing processes in the cloud

Improve selectivity

Improve efficiency and of managing bid Resources

Improve risk management to derisk every project in pipeline

We achieved leadership buy-in by:
i. Customised platform and a 12-month pilot secured a wide range stakeholder's
ii Demonstrations to different teams, displaying the individual benefits for each person
iii. Implementation weekly on-site sessions for training and clinics to benefit every team member
iii. Flexibility of myConsole as project fitted in around Baxall schedule and pace.
iv. Migrated the last 5 years of data so dashboards and pipeline up to date before implementation

We delivered easy to use real time governance to de risked the business by:
• Providing an full cloud-based audit trail across all allocated users
• RACI Assignment (Responsible, Accountable, Consult & Inform) activities across all operational teams
• An audit trial of all sign offs across all workflows and gateways.
• Each team member collaborates in real time.

To streamline and consolidate all data silos and systems in pre-construction we:
• Removed manual reporting by automating multiple excel workbooks
• Made data available as up to the minute dashboards
• Contributed to external data mapping specialists to help them identify all the duplicate capture fields around the business
• Helped established transferable data available for other platforms.

To replicate Baxall's entire existing processes, workflows and reporting we used the built-in "self-service" control panel:
• This helped service teams during the implementation phase
• Speeded up adoption as they are experiencing a tailored solution
• Can see the platform has all the functionality required for them to do their jobs.

By combining Baxall's existing selectivity metrics and weightings we created a consistent collaborative cloud tool with ability to:
• Analyse a wide range of bid metrics in real time via a win score (a consistent predictive analytic)
• Identify opportunities they have the highest chance of winning.
• Constantly learn and improve adjustments to fine tune win scores.
• Experience significant time savings by avoiding abortive bidding
• Refocus resources on bids with a higher win score.
• To invest developing better more innovative client centric solutions.

Baxall now have one consistent best practice bid management workflows enabling individuals and service teams to:
• Filter out their own bids and collaborate with all delivery team members
• Develop their own workload pipeline and access win plans via shared central resources for bid support
• See their own actions and responsibilities and activities via their personalised dashboard
• Develop earlier relationships with identified client and consultant stakeholders
• Be more efficient irrespective of the volume of new opportunities

By recreating Baxall's Risk and Opportunity Register as new function in myConsole individuals can now:
• Monitor and manage their own allocated actions via their own smart phones
• Ensure mitigation is on time and logged throughout pre-construction and project delivery.
• This enabled the allocation of risk and opportunity tasks to specified individuals to action at future dates


1:2.5 win-rate (as of December 2019 this is 1:2)|33% increase bid volume|40% profit margin increase|30% saving in user time|17% bid cost savings | 5 X ROI

"...In this last year we have saved £120k of bid costs for an expenditure of £24k so our ROI is £96K. Everything in myConsole is job and role specific which makes it easier to change and edit unique projects and bids, so you don't have to jump through unnecessary hoops all the time. myConsole helps us focus on the tasks at hand and helps us stay on top of all everything all at once. It helps us make much more intelligent decisions based on the data we receive, and it has reduced my weekly report preparation by 30%. It takes us through the whole life cycle of the project not just pre-win stages and allows us to jump in and change anything at any point. This allows us to generate a detailed game plan throughout the work winning process. Also, we are very confident we can process an increase in the volume of opportunities without an increase in bid time or resources..."

Andrew Baldwin, Pre-Construction Manager

"...myConsole has helped us identify the right opportunities that we need to price and has been a key element in helping us proactively solve the issues we wanted to address. We have seen an increase in our profit margin of 40% and our win rates are currently 1:2.5 and we are targeting a 1:1.5 win rate for 2020. We have also strengthened our convictions on where to focus our resources and now make decisions more quickly. The construction teams are now being involved earlier in the work winning process enabling earlier client engagement because they have earlier ownership of live opportunity meaning we are manging the entire pipeline as we are now able to spread live and forecast workload better. myConsole has delivered exactly as promised..."

Malcolm Clarke, MD Baxall Construction

"...myConsole's robust governance and audit trails has not only helped us to de-risk every project but it has also helped us maintain the quality and integrity of our data across the entire project cycle which has helped us lower our overall business risk. During our data mapping audit, it became clear that myConsole would play a key role as a main source of data and myConsole has become part of the solution to achieve the desired "single point of truth. We are now reviewing how we can deploy other built-in integrated myConsole tools to widen the curation of critical data, for example KPI's and time sheets..."

Jonathan Exall, FD Baxall Construction