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What Digital Means to the Construction Industry

Tuesday 29th May 2018

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Wake up and smell the digital coffee!

Wednesday 16th May 2018

The evolution of digital collaboration is happening, right now! How do I know, and more importantly, how is this going to affect us? Well, over the last two years, we have been working hard to develop a digital collaboration platform for Construction Industry work winning teams. We have partnered with some of the most forward-thinking talent in our country to create a product that is truly future proof. From inception to completion, our mantra was Steve Jobs vision; "that it is not about having great technology, and looking for places to use it," but a need for technology to deliver "an intimate…

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Modernise or die: insights for the Pre-Construction sector from the Farmer review

Wednesday 18th April 2018

The Farmer's Review is a wakeup call for the UK construction industry to embrace change and move into the 21 Century, or risk being left behind. This applies across the entire industry, and I am fully prepared to join the discuss about the potential that digitalisation is bringing to pre-construction, to ensure that this part of the Built Environment economy is not left behind either. "The prognosis for the industry, if action is not taken quickly, is that it will become seriously debilitated." Farmer says. The report, an independent study commissioned by Department for Communities and Local Government and the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, clearly spells out the risks and also the opportunities for the construction industry. Although the review…

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Embrace Industry 4.0

Wednesday 11th April 2018

The opportunity that digital transformation gives the Construction Industry is immense. If you are concerned with the future prosperity of your firm; driven by a need to win more work with a greater level of certainty, an ever-increasing level of efficiency, then my informed blog series are designed to inform your thinking. An industrial revolution is happening right now, its number 4.0. Just as the first industrial revolution enabled unheard of power to be easily harnessed, the same transformational change is happening now. 250 years ago, we drove all sorts of previously manual or horse powered machines from printing presses, jack hammers, water pumps…

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£3 billion: The real cost of winning work

Wednesday 4th April 2018

Inefficient bid processes are massively reducing profit margins Research conducted by MarketingWorks and Reading University uncovered the real cost of the bidding process in the construction industry as almost £3 billion. myConsole, recently announced as the procurement partner for Digital Construction Week, will be holding a webinar to show the industry how they can use digitalisation to dramatically reduce these costs. The research discovered that the bid cost works out…

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5 ways to reduce bid costs

Wednesday 28th March 2018

Tendering and bidding is an essential step in the construction cycle, from the multi-nationals to small local firms. It's an area that is so embedded in the industry, yet it has escaped serious analysis. MarketingWorks recent research, conducted with conducted with Prof. Will Hughes from the University of Reading, uncovered some startling findings about how winning and losing bidding behaviours impact on overall bid costs and…

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8 reasons for Pre-Construction to digitise their workflow

Friday 23rd March 2018

Businesses across the world face pressures to capitalise on the latest technology and embrace digitisation. The construction sector is no different. Technologies such as BIM, 5D modelling and 3D printing are changing the traditional approaches to building projects. But there's more to the digitisation story than these headline-grabbing technologies. Systems and processes are ripe for change, especially in the Pre-Construction sector. Many businesses still rely on paper forms and excel spreadsheets to manage their workflow. Even the more tech-savvy businesses that use a CRM system, struggle to make it work with their processes. myConsole is a cloud-based, bid management system that brings every team member onto the same page. It uses…

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