Our Approach

How do you know which is the best cloud based platform is for you and your business?

We believe that there are some essential steps you must take to ensure you make the right choice, to help your business achieve its full potential.

Step 1 - Diagnose

Our Approach

To begin, you have to accept that there is always room for improvement.
It is important to regularly be doing internal audits to identify the areas that require change. You will have to find out where you are not as efficient as you could be, where there is a chance to improve and where things need to change in order to achieve the businesses full potential. We at myConsole offer a free work winning GRIP Audit (Governance, Risk, Information, Processes) to help you with this.

Using our GRIP audit we involve your whole team. These are the people who need to adopt better processes and behaviours, and it is important to consider their opinions and feedback on which areas need improvement. We will give you a comprehensive report of your results and come in to present this report to your team.

Following this, it will be evident the areas where there are areas for improvement. We will help you develop a list of priorities and the actions that must be taken. You will have to decide whether you look for one solution per problem, or find one solution that can fix multiple problems.

Upon completion of the GRIP audit, you will begin to look for solutions for the issues that you have identified. Decide on a decision maker/group that will be tasked with finding these solutions.

Step 2 - Develop

Our Approach

Now that you have done an internal audit it is even more important to know what that information means and how it lines up to your business plan.

It is important that the solutions are tailor made for your business and its issues. Some software will be made for another industry or a different issue and charge you big money to make a square peg fit a round hole.

You should always look for solutions to your problems, not problems for your solutions

Ensure that your software supplier is working with you and understands exactly what you need. Do this by engaging with suppliers and having a demonstration of the system in action, this way you will have a full comprehension of what they can offer you. Give feedback and discuss your needs openly to ensure that their solution meets your requirements.

Read testimonials, or even better contact current users if you can. This will give you confidence in your decision, as they will either fully endorse the solution, or warn you off. Our emphasis is on developing solutions that are right for our clients. One size does not fit all.

Step 3 - Deploy and Implement

Our Approach

Once you have decided on the best solution, you must commit to the implementation of this new way of doing things. No matter what size your business is, employing a new way of working will always come with difficulties. You must commit enough time and resources to introduce the new solution.

Outline the benefits to those who will be using the software, give workshops and presentations and consider what other support your team will need. If the users understand the reasoning, they are more likely to be accepting of the change and will make the process easier.

Like most companies, here at myConsole we outline an implementation programme for our clients to stick to. It is important to communicate internally and ensure that everyone on the team is on board and engaging with this programme, and sticking to any agreed upon timelines.

Any good chosen solution will hold your hand the whole way through this, with regular check-ups and visits for training. They will set up your data and give you the skills to fully take advantage of the new capabilities you have in place.

After using the software for some time, there should be a review of the performance, both into whether the solution has solved your problem, and whether your team have been using the solution to its full potential. If the answer to either of these questions is no, you have to ask why. Give feedback to your solution to let them know how they could improve, or meet with your team to discuss why it is they have no adopted the solution properly.

Step 4 - Support and Monitor

Our Approach

Once everything is up and running, everyone is using your brand new tailored system, getting continued support and training can be difficult.

Most companies will assign you an Account Manager, that will look after you and make sure that everything runs smoothly. Here at myConsole, we like to go above and beyond with the support of our product we will provide you with a Customer Success Manager dedicated to you.

We will train you on how to populate myConsole effectively and provide useful resources and videos to support you. We will take you and your team through a programme to teach them the benefits of myConsole and how to make it worthwhile.

We will also monitor your progress throughout the whole of the process. Starting with the audit, we will be able to see how much progress you have made. After a few months of using myConsole we will be able to use our groundbreaking AI to tailor the software even more to your needs.

Constantly reviewing where you are and comparing this to where you want to be helps you get closer to your final goal, and we will help you achieve this.