Here you can find some frequently asked questions by our clients regarding the technology behind myConsole, if you question is not answered by any of these, please contact us on '' and we will get back to you as soon as possible

How is User access authenticated and encrypted?

Authentication - Single Factor with complex passwords enforced and regular password expiry.
Encryption - TLS in transit.

Does the service have the capability to permanently erase all data about one person (and if necessary multiple people) in compliance with the GDPR Article 17 right to erasure?


Does the proposed service only store and / or process the Client personal data (as defined by the GDPR) within the European Economic Area (EEA)?


Is the entire service certified to ISO 27001?


Does the service provider follow a documented data sanitisation process?

Yes, we ensure that:
• Data must be erased or made unreadable if infrastructure is moved, re-provisioned, or decommissioned.
• Data must be erased (or made unreadable) at Client request
• Data must be returned to Client at the end of the contract and then erased (or made unreadable) from all service provider systems.

How does myConsole integreate with third party applications/services?

myConsole can be easily integrated with any modern application, that can talk in REST or SOAP protocols. Typically the integration happens using a micro-service that can push/pull the information.
REST - Representational State Transfer; SOAP - Simple Object Access Protocol
The service request and response calls are mostly token authenticated and encrypted, hence it becomes the defacto standard for exchanging information in a secured way.
Information collected from these API are collated and integrated with the existing entities available with in myConsole.
These services are independent of the core application, that can sync data across platforms on a periodic basis.
Thus with the micro-service architecture, myConsole can cross function with the external cloud applications at ease.

How is myConsole built?

myConsole is built using MEAN Stack, which meets the today's increasing demand for a far richer experience from web applications, expecting the same level of performance and interactivity they get from a Desktop Application
MEAN is a set of Open Source Frameworks and software that together, provide an end-to-end framework for building dynamic web applications
The stack is made up of:
AngularJS, Express, NodeJS and Mongo DB

What are the availability objectives and how will you achieve this?

The application leverages the availability of AWS (Amazon Web Services) cloud services which are guaranteed at 99.99%.

Data and application backups are scheduled at periodic short intervals which will ensure zero loss of saved data.