Set Up
We will create an instance for your company, with your users and migrate any data that you provide into myConsole.
We will then work with your admin users to bespoke the system to your businesses language and needs, and empower them to make any changes they may need in the future.


We'll come to your offices, or offer online meetings. We will get your entire team comfortable using myConsole, understanding all the features and how they will benefit you.


You will have access to our team to ask any question you may have or request more training. There is built in training in the system, but we are always happy to provide an online training session for you.

A successful set up relies on outlining and agreeing what everyone needs to do and when, and working together. We will provide an implementation plan and a Customer Success manager to ensure everything flows smoothly.
We understand that you are starting a new journey and will help you to input your data, train your users and provide them with continued support to ensure the benefits of myConsole are felt.

We will:
Provide you with an Customer Success Manager to contact if you have any needs. They will provide any support that you may need.
Train you on how to populate myConsole effectively and provide useful resources and videos to support you.
Take your team through a programme to teach them the benefits of myConsole and how to make it worthwhile.

You will:
Collate your company data for us to import.
Aid adoption by outlining why you have invested in myConsole to your team, and how it will affect them personally, and the company.
Attend training sessions run by our team and take full advantage of the resources available.
Learn how to use myConsole and identify how we improve you business.