About Us

Over the last 20 years, we have helped some of the biggest names in the construction industry to improve client-centric work winning behaviours, processes and culture. We have worked with over 2000 firms, and with our help, most of our clients reach win rates of 1 in 2.5, or better.

Today, big data is changing the way companies work. What hasn't been clear is how companies should go about implementing big data projects in their work winning processes.

myConsole is aimed at providing leadership insight across the business development and work winning functions from business unit planning, key client planning, framework management as well driving work winning efficiency to achieve high win rate performance.

It is designed for both contractors and consultants working across all tiers of the built environment.

It enables firms to quickly exploit the significant benefits of new cloud based technology which offers so much potential as well as enabling significant improved work winning behaviours. It truly offers an effective and efficient solution for achieving business winning transformation.