Collaboration Software for Construction

Our experience: Driving Construction Industry win rates of 1 in 2, and reducing bid costs by up to 20%

Construction Industry Work Winning Specialists

Having worked with many of the top 100 construction companies, we used our work winning programmes to bring about systemic improvements to their processes, gaining win rates of up to 1 in 2. We will work with you to achieve the same outcome through the implementation of myConsole.

We conducted national research on the cost of bidding for the construction industry, indicating where marginal gains can be made. These key areas have then been intuitively mapped into the collaboration software to save you time and ultimately win more bids.

All Work Winning Systems Integrated and Accessed from One Place.

myConsole brings all aspects of work winning management under one system. So much more than a CRM, finance or document management system, this collaboration tool guides work winning teams through the entire process of selling complex multi-million pound construction projects.

Experts to Support Successful Implementation

myConsole collaboration software intuitively replicates the work winning process with easy to use templates. Our operations team are on hand to explain this easy to use software, and to support each user with the necessary training programme from the outset. Our onshore and offshore team are ISO27001 compliant, showing careful consideration to maintaining a safe and secure platform for hosting data and confidential information.

At myConsole we believe our new technology has the
power to create incredibly efficient behaviours and approaches.

How we work with you

myConsole is highly intuitive and easy to use from day one. All we need from you is a list of users and any client database to pre-populate the software. Our support team are on hand to explain the benefits to your users and to guide them into making the best use of the system throughout the contract period.

Usage analysis will point to any areas where the benefits of the software are not being maximised, allowing our support team to quickly rectify any usage problems.

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We focus on using digitalisation of top work winning behaviours to drive business transformation.


Our team offer a range of multi-discipline consultancy experience, who all share the drive to find innovative solutions to business issues.

Eric Sandor


Having worked at Accenture for 20 years, where he was a Global Managing Partner, Eric has a track record of pioneering new businesses and delivering transformational change across the Healthcare and Life Sciences industries.

Eric brings broad and deep experience across strategy, operations, technology, and human performance to deliver step changes in business performance within both small and large private companies and public sector organisations. He has a profound understanding of implementing technology, and currently works on using AI in business processes.

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Philip Collard, Chief Executive, myConsole

Philip Collard

Chief Executive

Philip has been Managing Director of Marketing Works Training and Consultancy Ltd, a specialist construction industry consultancy, for over 25 years. During that time he has helped over 2000 firms improve their market and client facing behaviours and embedded many with new, aligned "win workflow" change processes. He has also conducted unique research with the University of Reading every 10 years, to quantify and profile the cost of bidding to the construction industry.

Now, Philip has used his experience to design a digitally mature solution to the common work winning process issues that Construction teams face.

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Tony Bicknell, Chief Oerating Officer, myConsole

Tony Bicknell

Chief Operating Officer

Past MD and Director of Service Technology of Futuresource Consulting delivering research, analytics, forecasts and strategic business insights in the Electronics and Media industry with specific focus on the Hollywood Studios. Tony brings a wealth of experience in leveraging digitization to improve collaboration and achieve corporate transformation.

His key skill set is understanding and implementing web based workflow and analytics tools and how they allow the integration of external and internally generated data to be combined to create improved business performance. He will lead implementation activities to ensure that myConsole delivers profound results for all types of users whether at leadership or operational.

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Jolyon Platts

Chief Marketing Officer

Jolyon is a seasoned business development leader with 25 years' experience and an entrepreneurial spirit. A consultative professional with technical knowledge and business acumen adept at visualising and leading the development of businesses and solutions.

Culturally aware having worked for and with international companies for many years and able to effectively communicate and lead the delivery of international projects and business strategy.

He is always keen to discover and develop new ways to help businesses and customers and was a founding director of Collectec, a UK SaaS solutions company focused on providing the latest innovations, experience and technology to the retail industry.

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Anush Newman, Chief Information Officer, myConsole

Anush Newman

Chief Information Officer

Anush leads the business analysis and data insight team that developed myConsole. He has over 11 years of global strategy and operational consulting experience across multiple sectors, including working with the NHS and national transport bid teams.

His expertise gives a deep understanding of data science techniques, with the objective of solving strategic and operational commercial problems. He has overseen the design, build and implementation of multiple corporate and consumer products, with a focus on bespoke analytics for clients and their teams, delivered at pace.

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Michael Leovalan, Chief Technology Officer, myConsole

Michael Leovalan

Chief Technology Officer

Leo leads the technology team involved with the development and engineering of myConsole. He has over 20 years of experience in the IT industry. He has worked in Silicon Valley, United States for about 10 years and had exposure to clients globally working with large IT consulting organisations.

His technology experience ranges from Product Development, ERP, CRM and Performance Analytics. As a technology enthusiast, he is passionate about using the right technology for solving business problems. He manages the offshore technology team and delivers solutions.

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Nikolai Naylor

Chief Financial Officer

Nikolai has been working in accounting and finance for 20 years and has worked with London firms where technology has been the driving force of the business, such as IG Index and CMC Markets. Nikolai loves working with entrepreneurs and playing a role in the growth of businesses.

Nikolai has a modern accounting practice, Naylor Accountancy Services, and is helping myConsole to implement up to date technology, ensuring real time insight of how the businesses is performing. Forecasts and 'What If Scenarios' are key to any business wanting to grow and these are part of what Nikolai specialises in.

Previously Nikolai has been working with UBS, Deutsche Bank and Shell.

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Rob Knibbs

Marketing and Product Manager

With a First Class Degree in Mathematics, Rob brings an analytical approach to his product management. Having joined the myConsole team initially to market the product, he has since played a prominent role in engaging with clients, managing the development team, and coordinating our marketing activities.

With his problem solving and logical approach, he will endeavour to sort out any issues efficiently and effectively to ensure our clients always feel like they are in safe hands.

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