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Modernise or die: insights for the Pre-Construction sector from the Farmer review

Wednesday 18th April 2018

The Farmer's Review is a wakeup call for the UK construction industry to embrace change and move into the 21 Century, or risk being left behind. This applies across the entire industry, and I am fully prepared to…

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Embrace Industry 4.0

Wednesday 11th April 2018

The opportunity that digital transformation gives the Construction Industry is immense. If you are concerned with the future prosperity of your firm; driven by a need to win more work with a greater level of certainty, an ever-increasing level of efficiency, then my informed blog series are designed to inform your thinking. An industrial revolution is happening right now, its number 4.0. Just as the first industrial revolution enabled unheard of power to be easily harnessed, the same transformational change is happening now. 250 years…

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£3 billion: The real cost of winning work

Wednesday 4th April 2018

Inefficient bid processes are massively reducing profit margins Research conducted by MarketingWorks and Reading University uncovered the real cost of the bidding process in the construction industry as almost £3 billion. myConsole, recently announced as the procurement partner for Digital Construction Week, will be holding a webinar to show the industry how they can use digitalisation to dramatically reduce these costs. The research discovered that the bid cost works out to 0.57% of the project value. When you…

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5 ways to reduce bid costs

Wednesday 28th March 2018

Tendering and bidding is an essential step in the construction cycle, from the multi-nationals to small local firms. It's an area that is so embedded in the industry, yet it has escaped serious analysis. MarketingWorks recent research, conducted with conducted with Prof. Will Hughes from the University of Reading, uncovered some startling findings about how winning and losing bidding behaviours impact on overall bid costs and win rates. Taking the average % of bid cost (and allowing for the fact that there are typically five bidders per tender), then applying it across the £110bn industry, indicates that between £2.5 to £3 billion is spent on bidding every year. It is from this £3billion annual spend that…

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8 reasons for Pre-Construction to digitise their workflow

Friday 23rd March 2018

Businesses across the world face pressures to capitalise on the latest technology and embrace digitisation. The construction sector is no different. Technologies such as BIM, 5D modelling and 3D printing are changing the traditional approaches to building projects. But there's more to the digitisation story than these headline-grabbing technologies. Systems and processes are ripe for change, especially in the Pre-Construction sector. Many businesses still rely on paper forms and excel spreadsheets to manage their workflow. Even the more tech-savvy businesses that use a CRM system, struggle to make it work with their processes. myConsole is a cloud-based, bid management system that brings every team member onto the same page. It uses algorithms to analyse your unique data and…

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The construction industry: Under the digital spotlight

Wednesday 7th March 2018

The business world is significantly changing. The new era of Digitisation is here. Businesses across the globe are developing a digital strategy and adopting new technology into their core business. Management Consultants like PwC and McKinsey are helping organisations understand this new world order and are now turning their attention to the construction industry. Why? The potential for cost savings, productivity gains and greater revenues through the implementation of a digital strategy are massive. This is why the technology giants are focusing on the construction sector. The digital story so far Until recently uptake of digital in…

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Why the bid cycle lends itself perfectly to digitisation

Wednesday 28th February 2018

The key stages of work winning are a series of interlocking steps; phases of a process and links in a chain. Every stage must work, or the bid can't succeed. In the heat of multiple tenders being submitted, and a fragmented working environment, the average rate of success for bid submissions is 1 in 5; a result which can improve significantly when monitoring and managing each of the interlocking steps. As various stages become more reliable and provide an increase in confidence, other key steps that might fail, become an…

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How construction clients can increase productivity & boost collaboration across supply chains

Tuesday 20th February 2018
Philip Collard

At the February Construction Excellence Client Forum, myConsole's presentation showed how the leadership in construction industry clients could now experience the immense potential of hosting end-to-end digitisation of entire infrastructure programmes across vertical value chains and functions such as concept & feasibility, procurement, construction, handover and asset management. Digital environments can also integrate horizontal value chains so horizontal functions such as design, planning, supply chain collaboration, and real time governance and execution are easily integrated. Therefore, tracking exactly where marginal gains come from e.g. where an SME's innovations have been identified, can now be monitored and measured in real time. This means any proactive design influences or new ways of working can be tracked, and any value adding operational…

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Overcoming risks when implementing new technology

Wednesday 14th February 2018

We have come across some staggering statistics about the success, or lack of success, in the implementation of new CRM systems. In a recent meeting with a top 15 UK-contractor, their own internal research revealed that only 27% of planned users were active, 65% had only logged in once and 8% had never logged in at all. This is supported by ISM, a US Management Consultant who claims that as many as 50% of implementation failures are directly attributable to user resistance. When you dig a little deeper as…

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3 ways selectivity in the bid process improves business

Wednesday 7th February 2018

It was probably due to the challenging years following the economic downturn, that more construction industry firms became better informed of the value of being increasingly selective. Thought was given as to which bids to target and pursue, by focusing effort and time on the more winnable bid, and so avoid spreading their limited resources over a large number of bids. Yet, we are still finding that only the larger players have consistent formal approval gateways and governance, as part of their embedded procedures. We are still finding that bids in many firms can side step formal reviews and proceed on an individual's "intuition". Why is selectivity failing? From our experience and research with Reading University, without…

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