Our Clients

Scott Brownrigg

"Scott Brownrigg is very effective at securing work through relationships, particularly in the private sector where less formal processes are required. We are less successful in bidding in the public sector and want to significantly improve our win rate. We are delighted to have selected myConsole as a partner that will assist us in using data to improve our decision making processes and to help us raise the quality of our submissions, ultimately achieving a 1 in 3 win rate."
Michael Olliff Managing Director



"We are already performing very well in pre-construction, but want to get better. Our target is to win every bid we go for. We want to strengthen our convictions on where to focus our resources, we want to make decisions more quickly and we want to reduce costs of each tender. We are excited to have signed with myConsole as we think they can help us with all of this."
Malcolm Clarke Managing Director